South Asia Partnership Pakistan implementing Effective Citizenship and responsive Governance Project in district Multan and Muzaffargarh with the objective of Women and men acquire strong economic, social and political leadership as individual and as group to be effective, transparent and accountable and effectively engaging with formal/informal institutions/structures at local, provincial and national level for their effective and improved delivery of their functions with people centered approach. During this phase Effective Citizen Groups worked at village to district level and they learned that,

Governance mechanism is in deeply flawed. Failure to find the political will and breakthrough needed to confront crises of economy and inequality are generating crises of legitimacy. It has been observed that Citizens feel excluded from the process of making decisions that directly affect their lives. Even in occasions where Citizens are allowed access to formal governance mechanisms, these are becoming less relevant as the sites of power and contestation shift. In the wake of current crises and governance deficits, the terms of engagement and relationships between government and citizens will continue to be recast and challenged. Effective Citizen’s role can be to provide innovative thinking and solutions, and to amplify citizen voice.

  • Local Government Act 2013 “Main Features and Challenges”
  • Advocacy, leadership skills & Consultation on Women`s participants in Local Government Election
  • Revenue Taxation and Social Service Delivery System at District level
  • Right to Information Act 2010, Advocacy and Lobbying Skills
  • Consultation with ECG members for campaign designing
  • Advocacy Action Campaigns
  • Advocacy campaign on Local Government Election
  • Advocacy campaign on Governance System at District Level
  • Advocacy campaign on Revenue Taxation System
  • Awareness raising sessions on Right to Information Act,2010
  • Experience sharing and Exposure
  • Action research on Right to information (RTI)