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SAP-Pakistan is a Pakistani organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, playing a vital role in promoting participation, collective actions, and right based activism in Pakistan for the last 30 years.

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The mission of the South Asia Partnership Pakistan is to create an enabling environment for participatory governance and sustainable collective action for peace, human security and regional cooperation at the South Asian...

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Creation of conducive environment for democratic governance and effective citizens’ participation through informed and effective voice of the poor especially women, workers, peasants, youth and all concerned...

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South Asia Partnership Pakistan

About Us

Alleviate sufferings of the disaster affected people

Provide affected people with relief, early recovery and rehabilitation services/initiatives and facilitate them in linking them with other support channels and programs

SAP-PK for the past ten years generally and since super floods hit Pakistan in October 2010, particularly, has contributed to alleviate sufferings of the disaster affected people. We have conducted rapid assessments, developed relief and rehabilitation programs and undertook evaluations for improvement and long-term planning, especially for women, who by all standards, are always the worst sufferers. Generally since it is a fact known to everyone that majority of the people affected by the disasters is poorest of the poor, therefore poor communities are our fundamental focus. We have raised funds for several organizations also to undertake similar operations.


Benefitting more than 100,000 families

Engage and mobilize community-based networks and civil society organizations advocating restructuring the state institutions and policies.


Input support to 5,000 families

Improve the efficiency of ongoing relief and rehabilitation programs through implementing an efficient monitoring system

We would not have even crossed the first barrier if not had been guided and encouraged by hundreds of supporters living in a vulnerable situation.

Mohammad Tahseen

We are making some progress by spreading knowledge not only to a restricted population in urban areas but we have tried to reach out to the far-flung areas where people are the victims of disasters.

Irfan Mufti

By making women, transgenders, minorities, youth, and other sections of the marginalized society, politically active, SAP-Pk has played a vital role in implementing the democratic system

Mossarat Qadeem

If we women can run the house, why can't we run the country? We will make our own political decisions.

Strategic Thrusts

Democracy and Empowerment of the Marginalised
Poverty and Sustainable Livelihood
Human development and safe environment
Harmony and Regional Cooperation

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Male, Female & Transgender


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