SAP-Pakistan is a Pakistani organization registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, playing a vital role in promoting participation, collective actions, and right based activism in Pakistan for the last 30 years. The organization strives for the creation of a society based on the principles of equality, peaceful coexistence, democracy, good governance, and justice. SAP-Pakistan is certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).
SAP-Pakistan is not just an organization rather it in itself is an institution and a platform for women, minority, youth and all marginalized segments of Pakistani society. It is here where they can utilize their skills and enhance their capacities and in fact their full human potential. We are strongly of this opinion and put special emphasis to motivate women, youth and the said segments to empower themselves socially, economically and politically so that they can play productive role in the nation building. We believe that self-initiative is the most important part of true development. SAP-Pakistan since its inception ensured participation of women, youth and all unprivileged in all its interventions and works that ultimately lead to a common goal, which is the development of the country and all human beings living in it as a nation. Despite all barriers we as a civil society of Pakistan and as a human development organization are continuing our efforts and journey believing that ultimately it will pay off what we expect. We also value and support all such positives steps whenever taken by every government in Pakistan the prime object of which remained human development. We care about our team and capitalize their wisdom and advancement. We rely in a nation where we assist each other for the betterment of humanity. SAP-Pakistan just aims to construct an environment which augments about justice and equality.   


South Asia Partnership – Pakistan’s vision is to create an engendered, critical society in South Asia based on the universal principles of human dignity, justice, democracy and peaceful coexistence.


The mission of South Asia Partnership Pakistan is to create enabling environment for participatory governance and sustainable collective action for peace, human security and regional cooperation at South Asian level, through organization of the marginalized sections of the society and development of their capacities.

  • Creation of conducive environment for democratic governance and effective citizens’ participation through informed and effective voice of the poor especially women, workers, peasants, youth and all concerned
  • Facilitate pro-people civil society initiatives at national, regional and global levels promoting collective actions for peace, justice and human development
  • Increase sensitivity and harmony among people; actions against structural violence through rightful means and movements
Strategic Thrusts:

SAP-Pakistan’s initiatives are based on its development philosophy with people as a center point. This understanding helps SAP-Pakistan design its programs around the basic and strategic needs and fundamental rights of the people, especially who are disadvantaged in all respects. Following thrusts are the basis of its national and regional programs:

      • Democratic Governance
      • Poverty and Sustainable Livelihood
      • Human development and safe environment
      • Harmony and Regional Cooperation
      • Gender and Development
Major Stakeholders:
    • Male and Female Workers (including those who are
      semi-employed or employed in the informal sector)
    • Farmers, both male and female
    • Religious Minorities
    • Elected Representatives and State Officials
    • Civil Society Groups, especially Media and Lawyers
    • Youth Groups