The praxis of PLRP-IV:  PLRP-IV will be a step ahead from phase-III by focusing more on women political participation as its key pillar. This will help women become active part of political decision-making in their respective areas. Moreover PLRP-IV will be documenting the results from previous 10 years and further adding the achievements of next three-years to build a knowledge base for society. It will help disseminate useful knowledge to those who need such results for netter and effective planning. PRLP with its impressive achievements will contribute in social knowledge around women social, economic and political participation through localized and effective strategies.

Focus of PLRP-IV:  The project is focusing on capacity building of girls/women, boys/men of the socially disadvantage communities around the issues of Gender equality and social harmony. Programs like PLRP have two important elements: improving livelihood, social connectivity for poor and secondly creating a body of knowledge around gender equality, women active role in local government. 

Livelihood and Economic Resilience:   To improve their livelihood through offering tailor-made vocational trainings opportunities and enhancement of local opportunities for holistic development. It is proposed to work with women/girls/boys/men to economically empower them by building their competencies/capacities to participate constructively in development and policy processes through provision of vocational training courses.  In addition to trainings, they will be provided assets provision so that they can utilized the learned skills to economically empowered.

Social Cohesion and Gender mainstreaming:  To improve girls/women social status in society by exposing them to an environment and conditions where they become socially empowered and are part of decision-making process. The project is focusing on capacity building of the girls/women who are socially disadvantaged along with boys/men around gender equality and social harmony

Women Political Participation (WPP):  To improve political status of women, their involvement in local governance will be induced by mobilizing men to understand the importance of women political role. Girls/women will participate in the Local bodies elections and in a result will benefit their communities. Besides elections these women (both young boys and girls) are active part of the political process through which they can better influence policies and plans and also negotiate for their resources. This will be done through the promotion of girls/women, boys/men participation through capacity building and skills trainings to be independent among targeted Districts.  The situation led SAP-PK to realize the need to focus on political-economic participation of poor boys/men especially of girls/women since without it, empowerment process is not completed. Self-confident, committed women/girls along with boys/men will mutually decides in the social, economic and political sphere for a quality change in their communities. Such a change among community members (who discriminate women because of their sexually discriminate attitudes) will help introducing benefits of gender identities and equal role of women and men. The program identified and engaged poor girls/women &  boys/men both women and youth them in set of activities including skill development, assets provision and raising awareness among people for women socio-political role at the village and local government level. The strategies have been proven successful since now they have been organized into Village Organizations (VOs) as Institutions, VDC and DDN.  The PLRP help enabled more than rural poor women, Men and youth, minorities, understand their collective strength of bargaining through organized group. They have established linkages with government line agencies and other resource providers, which have brought them several development schemes.  SAP-Pakistan believes that by deepening thee gains, consolidating those achievements and taking those to the next level can provide opportunity for maturing these results.