sanjh from SAPPK.

The reflection of initial steps taken by South Asia Partnership Pakistan to work for sustainable development in Pakistan.

Farmer Women in the Post-Flood Situation
South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) organized a seminar in commemoration of 100th International Women Day tilted “Farmer Women in the Post-Flood Situation” at Punjabi Complex,1,Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

A Brief Review of Journey (SDGP)

This documentary show different phase and parts of the program Strengthening Democratic Governance in Pakistan (SDGP). SDGP program is a four-year intervention of SAP-Pakistan aimed at increasing the participation of rural poor in local governance. The rural poor – as repeatedly referred to stands for subsistence farmers, peasants, rural workers, and minorities. However in all these categories women on priority and it reflect all in this documentary.

The Message of Darawar

Documentary about the story of harmony between Hindus and Muslims in the village Darawar. In this documentary interviews of Darawar villagers and also government officer. They all explain that SAP-PK and CDS people came here and they gave them awareness through theater and seminars. We can learn from the Darawar experience and spread the inspiration that every citizen of Pakistan weather Muslim or Hindu, poor or rich, is of equal value.

A Salute to Women Peasants and Workers Struggle in Pakistan

The main purpose of this seminar was to present tribute to the struggles of women peasants of Pakistan and highlight their issues at policy making level so that a process of effective legislation to resolve their problems can be initiated.

Poverty and Hunger Grows in Our Fields

A documentary on women working in the fields of Punjab – Pakistan’s rural areas of (Sahiwal, Lodhran, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan). In this documentary presented the response of the working women in the crop fields about their wages. Also working men talk about their wages. The wages of labor working in the agriculture sector is very low. But there is more cruelty that women get less wages of their labor as compared to men, although they work equally to men.

evaw from SAPPK.

Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW)

A project documentary aims at contributing to change discriminatory practices, actions and policies against women through public awareness, mobilization, capacitating and supporting organized responses by civil society groups and networks in 3 districts of South Punjab.

EVAW – Umeed Kay Chiragh
Umeed Kay Chiragh

Documentary is a struggle of the project EVAW. In this documentary you can see and understand how madadgar committees working in this project and implementing their programs in the society. This documentary also has true stories about violated women.

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