SAP-PK is a Pakistani development organization working for the uplift of the poor and marginalized communities of Pakistan. It seeks the following qualified and experienced individuals for its different projects in Balochistan, KP, Punjab, Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan with the goal to enhance democratic, gender-sensitive, responsive governance, conflict resolution and support durable peace.

Nigar Ahmad Research & Advocacy Fund – Call for proposals : Download;

South Asia Partnership-Pakistan is implementing JAZBA (Jamhuriat Aur Ba-Ikhtiaar Aurat) Project (2019-2024) along with Aurat Foundation (AF). JAZBA Project aims to enhance inclusive democratic processes and participation for the advancement of women’s rights and at-risk populations, such as minorities and transgender communities in 25 of the 132 districts of Pakistan across provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan. Under JAZBA Project, SAP-PK has established Nigar Ahmad Research and Advocacy Funds to generate knowledge for evidence building and policy advocacy on inclusive democratic and civic processes.

We are happy to announce Nigar Ahmed Advocacy Grants for the year 2021/22. The grants will be specifically for the district and sub-district level advocacy campaigns focusing on themes identified below. All JAZBA district level groups and networks including WLGs, WVNs, Youth Groups etc. can apply for these grants. Please focus on key themes of women political participation, youth, transgender persons, persons with disability and minority women. These campaigns can be part of your JAZBA related actions but shall focus on 1-2 key objectives of advocating for the rights of these marginalized. These are competitive grants so suggest the groups to come up with innovative ideas. You can obtain further details by writing on the email given below. Women in local governance, Women voter networks, Youth groups and local CBOs/CSOs will be preferred for the grants.

Themes for the Advocacy Grants: 

• Women in Local Governance: Challenges and options
• Women as political participants: Present and future
• Governance and challenges of accountability and inclusions
• Women role and share in political and electoral politics
• Women in local governance: decentralization, de-concentration and devolution
• Accountability and institutionalization of women’s human rights in democratic governance
• Participation of women and marginalized groups in local governance
• Representation of women in politics
• Women’s leadership in informal & formal decision making
• Impact of electoral participation of women & youth from grassroots on mainstream political narrative

Advocacy proposal submission Deadline: 10 January 2022

Award for Grant: PKR 300,000
Where To Apply:
Duration Of Research: 3-4 MONTHS