AAWAZ Voice and Accountability Programme


This program in brief – envisions stable, tolerant, inclusive, prosperous and democratic Pakistan. It strives to strengthen the fragile democratic processes, by making them more inclusive, accountable and thus stable. It is built on the premise that people, particularly women and members of excluded groups such as religious minorities and transgender could safely and more effectively make their voices heard in the power corridors and they are better able to work together across gender, ethnic, and class divides to impact lasting change. This expression contributes to more open and inclusive democratic process in Pakistan, and thus improves government’s accountability before its citizens. AAWAZ is DFID-funded, five-year programme, being implemented through four leading Pakistani NGOs including SAP-Pakistan. AAWAZ Consortium is working in 45 districts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where incidences of women’s political participation, peace and social cohesion and access to the public services are on the lowest side.

The goal of AAWAZ is a stable, tolerant, prosperous and democratic Pakistan which meets the basic needs of its people and achieves the MDGs. The outcome of the programme is that democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive and accountable to citizens by 2017.

AAWAZ aims to achieve this by reducing violence against women, and increasing the safe participation of women and other excluded groups in politics and governance structures and government. AAWAZ aims to enhance tolerance of diversity and strengthen the capacity of communities to resolve disputes peacefully without resort to violence, and work constructively together to solve local problems and improve service delivery.