Historically, SAP-PK imparts special inputs, mostly technical training, on specific themes to its partner CBOs with the aim of solving their immediate community problems. However, in the recent past, a need was felt to cater to the emerging needs of NGOs, CBO networks and other CSOs. Accordingly, all such activities were re-designed and since then have been organized under the banner of small capacity building inputs (SCBI). The objectives of this program are to:
impart a detailed orientation on important emerging issues to participants with an expectation that they would incorporate the  acquired knowledge in their work as well as that of their  organizations;
facilitate organizations in making their work in line with the donors’ priority areas and help them in taking the debate around these themes to their communities; and
help mid-managers and CSO representatives in understanding new concepts, so as to enable them to undertake the related work effectively.
Launched in 2001, SCBI is a need-based program. As such, the training workshops organized under it are not limited to any specific topic or training design. Since the primary aim is to fulfill the specific needs of the participating organizations, the topics of the workshops are finalized respecting their particular desires. Banking on the program’s flexibility, a few workshops have also been organized in critical areas that are not covered by any other program of SAP-PK.
A total of 12 workshops on various themes were organized in all the four provinces of the country (six in Punjab, three in Sindh, two in Balochistan and one in the KP) under SCBI in its first year. In all, as many as 297 participants (196 males and 101 females) of about 100 organizations from far flung areas of the country benefited from these workshops.