PLRP project approaches:  PLRP successes are due to its consistent, focused, and methodological success is due to its consistency with a focused and methodological precision. PLRP address the issues of rural women (especially workers in formal and informal sectors, farm laborers, daily wage earners), /girls/boys of the four districts, identified as the most deprived, through empowering them socially, economically, and politically sustaining themselves and their families, besides graduating out of the vicious cycle of poverty and diseases. Efforts proved spaces to socially excluded ones in an organized manner bring wonders.  PLRP uplifted the excluded ones from the poverty trap & built their capacity to enable them to develop their villages. PLRP surfaces a need for women’s political representation in local governance. With such political empowerment they can, influence women’s friendly approaches and policies.

Brief intro-Peace and Livelihood Rights-IV:  PLRP-IV weaved around the factor of women in leadership & enhanced youth potential to facilitate them to be part of the decision-making or in a position to influence policies and plans. It will have a step forward from previous three phases. Besides social and economic uplift it will enable these communities to become active part of political processes and local governance systems. This will enable them to negotiate better for their rights and entitlements with the policy and decision-making processes. It will also help them influence processes better and with their own representation. Read More