The project “Ending Violence Against Women” funded by Oxfam-GB, aims at contributing to change discriminatory practices, actions and policies against women through public awareness, mobilization, capacitating and supporting organized responses by civil society groups and networks in 3 districts of South Punjab.

The project aims to:

  • Contribute towards reducing violence against women and increased spaces for women rights

  • Contribute in better understanding and actions of civil society groups on VAW and around pro-women legislative reforms

  • Enhance the linkages / liaison, coordination among CSOs, social groups esp. lawyers and media dealing with the cases of women violence and its public reflections

  • Enhance the role of local police, lawyers, judiciary, media, political parties, people’s representatives, and CBOs/NGOs.

  • That concerted efforts will be made through public and focused dialogues, sensitization workshops and discussion forums to ensure civil society representation against cases of women violence. The entire work done through capacity building and mobilization will be consolidated under this objective so as to ensure a sustainable, positive change at societal level… details

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