Political and Livelihood Rights for Rural Poor (PLRP)

Pakistan faces poverty, insecurity, extremism and distrust and apathy of people with respect to services, democracy and governance of the country. In the recent years, there have been at least two major incidents that have further exacerbated these problems. These incidents affected livelihood and security of the people in the first place, made them more violent and made children deprived of education and susceptible to crime and extremism. The spillover impact of both incidents is basically the point of reference of this project.

The Project “Political and Livelihood Rights for Rural Poor (PLRP)” is built on the impacts that conflicts, extremism and flood rendered to women, religious minorities and other vulnerable groups in rural union councils of some adversely affected districts. These districts include D.I Khan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Ghotki (Sindh), Rajanpur (Punjab) and Gwadar (Balochistan).

South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) has been working to uplift the socio-economic and political status of the poor communities especially women, minorities and rural youth for the last twenty years. SAP-PK is very much interested in building community models in proposed 8 districts. All proposed interventions of this program will be clubbed together to reflect a visible change. For this purpose, SAP-PK will adopt the following strategies and methodologies to keep smooth functioning of the program.

PLRP Case Studies

Basti Awaan A visionary woman-Village Kech Village choupal in Punnal Sial
Basti Khokhar Abad Basti Darbara wali-Munawar Hussain Village choupal in Rano Gadhani
Basti Makwala Basti Darbara Wali and Shereen Bibi Village Choupal in  Bheetor
Basti Meeran Pur Initiative for peace-Nek Banu, Village Kech Village choupal in Hamzo Meher
Manjo Machi, UC Rakhfazalpur Story of struggle-Yasmeen Bibi Village choupal in Mithu Arbani-report

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